My Little Bug

My Little Bug

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paper Easter Egg

This is my take on the traditional Ukranian Easter egg, I love the bright colors against the black. 

 I used Cricuts Easter 2010 cart for the egg and doily. The flowers and butterflies are from Artiste the pink flowers were 6 petaled, I cut between two petals and overlapped them to give flower depth. I just bent the petals of yellow flower. Vines are from Cindy Loo. With help from C.C.R. I used the Cricut gel pens to draw the butterfly layer and then cut out the base. In C.C.R. do layer one as base, then add layer and line up overlay with base, put in gel pen and "cut", then without removing mat cut layer one.
 The display is a two by nine inch strip formed into a tube, glued to doily and decorated.
 The egg was made by Cricut drawing (see above) overlay on five inch base. Fold eggs in half then run through Xyron. I started to emboss egg then decided it deserved glitter lol. Remve from backing and line egg halves up and press together. Glue on butterflies place on display base and enjoy.

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